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Cloud 2.0 – Cloud Token Rebranding, New Projects and More!

Welcome to this article about Cloud Token. In the meantime Cloud Token has arrived in 145 countries and has over 800.000 members! In the last days numerous changes have been announced, which will follow in the near future. I think the changes will go live at the October event.

Let’s start with the rebranding. Cloud Token will now be called Cloud 2.0. I think, because there is a Cloud Token/Coin (CLD) there was some confusion. Furthermore Cloud 2.0 will become a trademark protected name. Cloud 2.0 will also get a new logo.
Furthermore they took care that Cloud 2.0 is a Shariah conform. I have no idea what that means, in Asia it will certainly be a big advantage.

Cloud 2.0 adds some new services. For example, the long announced Online Travel Agency (OTA – travel portal). This should make it possible to book trips, hotels etc. from the app, which can be paid with CTO. The price in CTO should be discounted (in relation to Euro/Dollar). The discount range is 1-15% for the customer, but up to 20% for the company. Anything above 15% will be added to the reserve pool. This can lead to a price increase of the CTO, because now there is income in the reserve pool which did not exist before.

Furthermore the Merchant Program will be added. This allows merchants to provide their goods with a QR code. If a Cloud 2.0 member scans this QR code, he is able to pay with CTO. For those who are interested in the technical part there is already a graphic. It looks confusing at first sight, but if you look at the numbers from 1-11 in the order it makes sense.

cloud 2.0 merchant programm
Click on the picture to zoom.

Cloud 2.0 sim card and new ways to earn CTO’s

With the Cloud 2.0 Update the CloudSIM is released. Currently C3 and C4 members can request and test these cards. For the time being, the launch will only take place in Asia (Japan excluded). The Mobile Virtual Service Operator will also be Cloud 2.0. This means that the Sim cards will not be published by a third company. The KYC for the Sim cards is planned.

Furthermore 2 new projects were announced. The first one is called „Rogue“. Here is the description:
„Starting with 10 USD users can participate in a „Saving Lottery“ and win shares from Compound Interest pools.“

Suppose you start with $100. Then you can win shares in the lottery that are worth a certain percentage of $100. Suppose you have a value of 105$ after the first „raffle“. Then you’ll get shares worth a percentage of $105. So if you get a 5% share again, you don’t get $5, but $5.25.

That’s just my interpretation of the whole thing, it can look completely different in reality.

The second announced project is called „Friday“. This is intended for large investors, and starts from a ridiculous 5 million USD. Here you get trading bots adapted to your needs, like the Jarvis, which you can then connect to your exchange. This means you no longer have to transfer your crypto currencies to the “ company account „, instead you can manage everything yourself.

cloud 2.0 kurs

More information about Cloud 2.0

The main office in Kuala Lumpur will be opened in September.
Events in Malaysia, Vietnam and even Poland are confirmed and have dates. Global events have yet to be confirmed, probably in October.
Cloud 2.0 will participate in a charity project. Another partnership is planned with „Grab“. This is an Asian company that is competing with “ Uber“.

That was the update news about Cloud Token/ Cloud 2.0 . The info comes from the Cloud Token Facebook page.
You can find the post with the english info here.

Here you will find explanation videos (12 languages) for Cloud Token, download links for the app and a referral code for the registration (0678151625).

4 Antworten

  1. Jose Patricio Figueroa Bello sagt:

    Hola que ha pasado que el CTO bajó de .4880 a .4420

    Hallo, was ist passiert, dass der CTO von .4880 auf .4420 gesunken ist?

    • cloudtoken sagt:

      Weil weltweit viele Menschen ihre CTO in Ethereum getauscht haben. Um so mehr Menschen ihre CTO halten, um so höher steigt der CTO Preis. Wenn viele verkaufen, fällt er.

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